Camallday Privacy Policy
Effective date: 2016/09/30

In this documentation, the maximum reasonable is intended to protect your privacy. (Provided by LLC “Camallday”) Random camera chat service and are privacy practices, has been prepared to inform you about.

Video Chat service is available to this application you declare that you agree. Camallday privacy policy update at specific times. Random Chat privacy

  • instant messages are scanned by an automatic system for spam.
  • Webcam images are uploaded to the servers Camallday Omegle alternative video chat 3. They can see or modify individual party.

1-) Random Chat provides an unchecked video chat mode.

2-) thanks to Camallday written and video chat while your user information and do not share your private information.

3- ) Camallday; made conversations as obscene articles Online and images is strictly prohibited.

4- ) Camallday;  made conversations with strangers personality rights respect, you need to move.

5-) Camallday made through video and written by the person himself is responsible for the chat. Social networks liability shared images, videos and information.

6-) your IP addresses are visible on the system  and negative example in camallday by prohibited.

Use of cookies

Camallday random chat provides you with online chat environment can spend good times with friends while foreign. There is no membership on our site and online given over cookies.

On Google [camallday], you will find the system by doing. In accordance with the Google AdSense Google Adsense Privacy, including third-party ad vendors, they show you a more appropriate ads, so that the pages you visit, we may use cookies to track information about you.

The DoubleClick DART cookie is used by Google AdSense cookie and Google provides a way to disable followed by DARTS. You may also have many (but not necessarily all) used by other third-party ad vendors tracking cookies disabled.

Non-personal statistical information about site use omegle identifier is using Google Analytics to track. Google browser add on that allows you to disable Google Analytics.

Parental control software

A – ) Camallday random chat + 18 years old is a platform they often chat of people.
B – ) Please a minor with malicious users who do not leave people more at the computer.
C – ) Parental control on the internet to find malicious programs can prevent access to web sites.
D – ) Camallday is completely safe and is a preferred system throughout the world.
E – ) Any action made in the system, user does so at his own risk. All these policies applies to Google and meat systems. the rules and conditions written above applies to the site. Talk with a friend and meet strangers online. Also visit to start a random conversation with a camera.